You are never alone, your mind never wants to be alone. It will manipulate things, expose your isolation and will accompany you with the thoughts over and over.!!

He looked for answers everywhere, sometimes in people who were along, and sometimes in the place where he belongs. He was aware of the learnings and yet he was deluded, despite that he continued walking, exploring, dreaming..!

Life as a Thinker | Writer | Human

I am no philosopher or an intellect, I never thought that writing could be one of my skills. I love traveling, listening music, meeting people, sharing experiences and joy.

Slowly and gradually i started a habit of writing quotes, small poems that could relate to the instances of life. Like people being stuck so much in the materialistic things that they forget the actual purpose of life. I started observing the nature more than the people around, watching sunrise, sunsets and capturing them, writing poems became a regular thing for me.

I want to write articles that can inspire other people, which talks about appreciations rather than criticism, seeing the good in others and environment. I wish to express my heart out through the words on my blog. Few of my articles are listed here and few are on my blog. Do check and if possible revert with the feedback 🙂

Loads of Love.. Peace and Happiness..!!

“You are your Poetry, You are your Song. You are your Moon, You are your Star.
You are your Thoughts, You are your Dreams. You are your Pursuit, You are your light.!”